Burnaby Dog Grooming Salon Virtual Tour

Posh Dog Grooming’s quiet, open, calming dog grooming salon will put your dog at ease. 

The dog spa is located in the comfort and peace of a private home not a busy, impersonal, noisy commercial business location.

My clients and their dogs both love the at home, relaxed feeling…

There is lots of free parking for you just steps away from the dog grooming salon entry. 

Below is the specialized electric lift table which goes to the floor and up to 4 feet, so if your dog is larger they will never have to be uncomfortably lifted to or from the grooming table.

Electric Table & High End Equipment

Electric Table & High End Equipment







 Here’s the special tub for your dog and notice the non-slippery floor for your dogs safety.

Fully Serviced Private Salon

Fully Serviced Private Salon








If you’re from Burnaby, North Burnaby, Vancouver or New Westminser it’s easy to get to Posh for your dog grooming needs.

I look forward to welcoming you and your dog into my home 🙂





Carmen Ballard – Professional Dog Grooming Services 
Owner, Posh dog Grooming

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