Poodle Dog Groomer Burnaby BC

I specialize in grooming many breeds but pride myself on grooming Poodles because when you perfect the Poodle cuts noted below, a good groomer can groom any breed elegantly. 

I can groom your Poodle to any of the following Poodle Grooming styles:

  • Dutch Clip
  • Kennel Clip
  • Poodle Lamb Clip
  • Puppy Clip – (Most common clip)
  • Royal Dutch Clip
  • Summer Clip
  • Town & Country Clip
  • German Clip

I can also groom your poodle to your own speciation.

Give me a call at (778) 918-9178 and I’ll be happy to answer your important questions
and check my availability for your dogs first grooming appointment.

Poodle Grooming Owner Maintenance

Your Poodles nails should be trimmed or grind at least every 4 – 6 weeks to prevent them from over growing and curling and puncturing the pads of their feet.  This should also be done to maintain your Poodles healthy foot structure.  Their ears should be cleaned at the same time to make sure they are clean and free of infections.

In between grooming, your Poodle’s entire coat should be brushed down to the skin with a light and gentle motion about three times per week to help keep it clean and free of mats.

Poodle Breed Overview

Your Poodle is stylish, squarely built and very intelligent.  They have an air of sophistication and distinction all to themselves.  They are energetic, athletic and well proportioned.  Your Poodles structure allows for free and elegant movement in their gaits and their coat is considered non-shedding and hypo-allergenic.

Poodles comes in 3 sizes; the Toy (Standing under 10 inches) , Miniature (standing between 10 – 15 inches),  and Standard (standing more than 15 inches.)