Dog Groomers Reviews Burnaby BC


“I love this personalized, individual attention…”

Lucy a Little Yorkie

Carmen is the most amazing dog groomer.  My adorable 7 lb Yorkie  
has been to many of the top groomers in the city –  including
Yaletown and West Vancouver , none are as good as Carmen at Posh.  

 I  love the fact that my dog is not stressed upon drop-off or pick-up.  
 I attribute this to the atmosphere that Carmen creates and the fact
 that my dog is not kenneled with other barking dogs during the
 grooming process.  I love this personalized, individual attention .  
 Also I value the convenience of being able to book by email.  Carmen
 you are the best!!  Lucy Weninger, West Vancouver, BC

Bailey a Golden Doodle


“We have not found a better groomer than Carmen in the entire Lower Mainland”

“Her work is unmatched and our dog is stunning after each grooming session. Carmen pays extreme attention to details, she always listens to our requests and our dog loves her…. what more can you ask for?! We are loyal clients and highly recommend her to any dog owner.

Mark & Jennifer Madden, Burnaby, BC


Dog Grooming for Darby

Darby a Maltese Cross

“Can’t Imagine Taking My Dog Darby Anyplace Else, Ever” 

“Carmen is kind, caring and always happy.  

She just has a way about her that makes you smile.  All this works to her advantage as a Dog Groomer.  I have been taking my baby, Darby to Carmen for almost a year now for regular 8 week grooming.  

She does an amazing job making my 10lb, malti-poo look absolutely adorable each and every time.  She also takes her time and attention to do the job correctly, with patience and an abundance of love.  

My dog in never happy to get groomed, like most dogs, but I know that the calm and soothing environment, and the gentle touch of Carmen results in a happy, well groomed dog.  Can’t imagine taking my dog anyplace else, ever.” Corinne Herringer ~ Burnaby, BC


TJ a Welsh Terrier

“Carmen does such a wonderful job grooming TJ”

“She did the proper research to make sure that TJ was groomed exactly like a Welsh Terrier should be. 

Her grooming facilities provide a safe and relaxing environment and TJ cannot wait until his next appointment to see her again. 

Both of us would recommend Posh Dog Grooming to any pet owner looking for quality service.”  Debra Chapman ~ Burnaby BC



Lucy a Schnauzer

    “Carmen treats Lucy as if she were her own cherished pet”  

     I first brought my Mini Schnauzer Lucy to Carmen almost 2 years    
     ago and I have been taking her ever since.  Carmen does such a
     wonderful job grooming her and I have never been as happy with
     any other groomer.
     She treats lucy as if she were her own cherished pet.  Lucy rushes    
     to her front door whenever I take her, she is so excited and happy
     top see Carmen.  As long as I Lucy, she will be going to Carmen, as
     well as any other dogs I may have in the future.  
     Nancy Miller, North Vancouver, BC

Merlyn a Cockapoo

“Carmen is the “Groom Whisper”

She has a gentle and calmness that puts the dogs at ease.  She connects with their personalities and her knowledge of the breeds is tremendous. 

She always and consistently, gives them the best style and care.  

My two dogs go every month and one time, Carmen told me that one of my dogs had an ear infection that I didn’t know about.  I took both my dogs to the vet and they were treated and healed right away, thanks to Carmen. 

I get so many compliments on how good my dogs look after their grooming session.  I believe grooming my dogs is as important as feeding and loving them and I have referred many other happy dogs to Carmen.”  Lynn Chamberlain, New Westminster, BC


Chico a Shih Tzu

Her gracious persona is a pleasure to communicate with”

I have been extremely pleased with the grooming Carmen has done    on my Shih Tzu, Chico.  From day 1 Carmen has always made me feel confident that Chico is in good hands.  Her gracious persona is a  pleasure to communicate with. You know that your beloved  pet is well looked after in her care and her ability to recognize and inform you of any irregularities you may have missed in your pets health is very appreciative.  My little guy always looks so handsome after Carmen has groomed him.  Joan Clifton, New Westminster, BC


Charlie & Lulu, Miniature Schnauzer’s

Carmen makes them look fantastic each and every visit”

I am so hapy to have found Carmen and Posh Dog Grooming.  We have specific requirements for our Miniature Schnauzer’s groom and Carmen makes them look fantastic each and every visit.  She’s wonderful with my furry, little children and I would never hesitate to recommend her!  Linda & John Webb, New Westminster, BC 


Angel is a Toy Poodle

Angel is a Toy Poodle


“Everyone comments as to what a great cut she has…..”

My Angel has never looked as cute until she came to “Posh Dog Grooming”.  Everyone comments as to what a great cut she has (as far away as London. England.)  My friend in London wanted to know if Carmen could go there to groom her dog!!!
Thank you Carmen for making my sweet girl look like such an “Angel”    Sharon Nolan, New Westminster, BC
Georgie is a Multipoo

Georgie is a Moltipoo

 “Even though I have to travel from North Vancouver, I find that it is well worth it!”
I was introduced to Carmen by a close friend a couple years ago.  Since then I have always had my dog groomed by Carmen and even though I have to travel from North Vancouver, I find that it is well worth it!  She is consistent and does both a wonderful job of grooming Georgie and of handling her in a very gentle way. 
 Thanks Carmen!      Karin Robichaud, North Vancouver, BC

Coco is a Portuguese Water Dog“Still would not have anyone else groom Coco”

I have been coming to Posh Dog grooming since “Coco”, my Portuguese Water Dog  was a baby. She is now 2 years old. I have moved to the Langley area and still would not have anyone else groom Coco. Carmen is kind, gentle and patient  as well as skilled as a groomer. I do not care for the traditional Portuguese Water Dog  cut and instead  have Carmen cut her with a Spaniel cut. She looks adorable ! The other thing I would like to mention is that I work full time  and Carmen is very accommodating to find a convenient time for Coco’s beauty treatments! Thanks Carmen.. Much appreciated.

Connie Pearce
Langley, BC

Pepper is a Standard Poodle.

Pepper is a Standard Poodle.




“Every one is super nice  and professional” 

I am extremely happy and satisfied with all the work and services my Standard Poodle has received at “Posh Dog Grooming”. Every one is super nice  and professional. I highly recommend this company to anyone with a pet. I love Carmen the owner.

Leonor Pek
Burnaby BC.


Tia is a Labradoodle

Tia is a Labradoodle

“She has a great rapport with the dogs” 

Her first hair cut was just before Christmas. We were worried about how she would look as we dropped her off. Three hours later, she looked great! We had so many compliments. Many people asked where we had her groomed. Since then, we have referred quite a few to Carmen…

As Labradoodles are susceptible to matting as their hair grows, it is difficult to keep them looking good without daily brushing. Carmen does a fantastic job – especially of the paws, which always have a clean, sculpted look. 

When her adult coat came in just before summer, we had Carmen do a “short” cut. We had always liked the “moppy” look, but were very happily surprised when we picked her up. Her hair was short, but she still looked like a ‘doodle.

Perhaps most importantly, when Tia goes for “detailing” she is always happy to see Carmen. She has a great rapport with the dogs and that is why we have no hesitation to recommend her when people ask us for a good groomer.

Mary & Brian Lumsden,    New Westminster, BC

Mia is a Maltipoo

Mia is a Maltipoo


“Our little maltipoo deserves and gets V.I.P. treatment from Carmen”

We are thankful for Carmen at Posh Dog Grooming! Our little maltipoo deserves and gets V.I.P. treatment from Carmen. We are assured that Carmen treats our little Mia with great love and kindness even with some tangles that are bound to occur! Mia is relaxed and happy in Carmen’s care. Her coat looks gorgeous when her appointment is over because Carmen has excellent skills and high standards. Carmen makes the whole experience inviting and honoring for both Mia and our family! We are lucky to have found Posh Dog and Carmen!

~Cathy Goss, New Westminster


Reine is a Bichon

Reine is a Bichon


“Carmen is definitely one of the BEST”

About a year ago, a friend recommend Carmen for grooming my Bichon.  Doing a good grooming job on a Bichon is no small accomplishment!  Over the five years of Reine’s life, she has been groomed by several professional groomers, and Carmen is definitely one of the BEST.  I have been completely happy with Carmen’s skills as a groomer, as well as her friendly manner and flexible attitude.  She is truly a professional, and it is obvious that she loves grooming dogs.  Carmen now also washes and does minor grooming on my Border Collie.  He’s an old boy, and Carmen is very caring and gentle.   I will continue taking my canine companions to Carmen, and I highly recommend her for your dog(s) too!! 

Kathy Brandon,  New Westminster, BC

Troy is Shih-Ztu

Troy is Shih-Ztu



 “Carmen is simply the best pet groomer in town!”

Carmen is simply the best pet groomer in town!  I really recommend her job to anybody that wants the best care for their dog.  She knows how to communicate with my Troy (a sometimes stubborn but adorable Shih Tzu) and make him look gorgeous and impeccable after each groom.

  Thank you Carmen for your skill and care.      Alejandra Almeida,  Burnaby, BC

I trust these few client dog grooming reviews / testimonials will give you the comfort to have me groom your dog. Remember I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on my work.  If you’re not happy I’ll make it right or cheerfully refund your money, which has never happened.
Details on my guarantee are here on the right side of the dog grooming services and fees page.
Burnaby Dog Groomer Carmen Ballard
Carmen Ballard
Owner, Posh Dog Grooming Services
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